FREE NC Waterways & Road Map

Aids to Great coastal navigation by water OR by highways & byways

It's called the Coastal Boating Guide but it's much more than a chart, it's a great, highly detailed COASTAL REGION highway map as well! (Think Beach Map: Corolla to Calabash) To order a FREE map online, CLICK HERE. (opens new window)

North Carolina also produces publications promoting the state's ferry system -- the second largest in the nation. To view or download a PDF file of the North Carolina Ferry Schedule on the DOT website, CLICK HERE. To request a free copy of the ferry schedule, CLICK HERE. (opens new window)

The Division of Bicycle and Pedestrian Transportation has created a series of touring maps covering different portions of the state. The Division has also worked with localities to develop maps of county and regional bicycle route systems. In addition, urban maps that show cyclists how to get around town by bike are available for most of the state's metropolitan areas. This site describes the various biking maps and tells how to order them. CLICK HERE. (opens new window)

The state's general transportation map is the department's most popular publication. The map features the state's extensive highway system, as well as important safety information. To order a FREE state-wide map and/or ferry schedule online, CLICK HERE. (opens new window)


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FREE NC Waterways & Road Map


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