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            User Demographics:

The Coast's BEST address since 1995CoastalGuide has maintained online forms dedicated to collecting, collating, and forwarding tourism and relocation information requests since 1996.  In 1998, as the volume increased, we developed and installed databases to archive this information.  Two studies were commissioned to analyze the general marketing profile of our online visitors as a whole.  With the exception of significantly larger base numbers for the later study, the profiles were nearly identical.

To highlight some important points, our visitors indicate that they


  • are planning to travel within 6 months (86.2%)


  • are from the central portion of the Eastern United States (75.1%)
    (listed in descending order NC, VA, PA, OH, MD, NY, NJ, WV, TN, GA)


  • do not have accommodations fully booked (74.2%)


  • are researching vacation plans (71.6%)


  • intend to spend 1 to 2 weeks (62.4%)


  • are primarily interested in accommodations (55.1%)


  • will have air travel involved (10.6%)


  • are researching retirement and/or relocation (8.0%)
    (when combined with our separate relocation questionnaire)
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The Coast's BEST address since 1995CoastalGuide has several types of advertising or sponsorship plans, offering focused, cost-effective participation ranging from ''logo links'' in our directory to ''hub page ads'' or button campaigns on our primary pages. 

If you haven't found the exact plan you had in mind, please ask!   We are always interested in the possibilities you envision, and we will offer a candid appraisal of the results we should be able to deliver.

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Contact me directly,
. _-
CoastalGuide retains the right to reject proposed advertisements and/or sponsorships
in accordance with its editorial standards, prior commitments, and marketing plan.

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Media Kit, User Demographics for CoastalGuide


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